I Have a Dumb Phone

We had dinner the other night, several friends and I, and in comparing stories it came up – as it often does – that I am one of the last people in the US that doesn’t have a smart phone.  Oh wait, it needs the quotes – ‘smart’ phone.  You see, I just don’t see how people justify the extra cost.  I don’t see why these phones are called ‘smart’.


I had a smart phone for work.  First a Blackberry which I did come to rely upon to keep me up to the minute on office goings-on when I was away.  And then an IPhone which I never cared for – the touch screen just isn’t for me.  For personal use I have stuck with my little old dumb phone.  Not quite the old brick phones – but mundane enough that I have been told on more than one occasion by the young people who work with my carrier that they never carried that model.  I then quietly point out their logo on the front of my phone.

How do you like my low tech solution to cover up manufacturer and carrier?

How do you like my low tech solution to cover up manufacturer and carrier?


Back to the dinner conversation.  It was suggested that I write a blog post comparing the smart and dumb phones.  Hmmm, I thought.  No, I’ll start the post and then see if any readers would like to finish it.


So here it is, your chance to tell me one – significant – reason why it is a better idea to have a smart phone.  Why I really MUST upgrade immediately, what I am missing out on.  How your phone has made your life easier, more something than it could be without that phone.  And the, in my opinion, oversized monthly bill that comes along with that phone.  Justify that chunk of change for me, please.


Keep in mind that I am not even teetering on the brink of getting a new phone and been considered a lost cause on this topic by many.  But I promise to read any responses with a most open mind.  (Which doesn’t mean that I might not be compelled to ask follow up or clarifying questions.)


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2 thoughts on “I Have a Dumb Phone

  1. Dan Antion October 23, 2013 at 6:55 pm Reply

    I can’t offer a single compelling reason or even a series of reasons that add up to a compelling point. If I could, my wife would be carrying a smart phone. I enjoy being able to use features like email, image and video txt, a GPS while walking around an unfamiliar city, the ability to snap and share a quick quality photo, the ability to read attachments to email and I enjoy several apps. I particularly like the ESPN App, weather, an app for business expenses that lets me take pictures of expenses, Evernote and the apps for maintaining the various social media presences I have. I like that my iPhone lets me do all of that stuff wherever I am whenever I like. I did live without these capabilities before, and I’m sure that I could again, I just wouldn’t want to.


    • Beth Anne Reed October 23, 2013 at 7:02 pm Reply

      This actually was a topic at lunch today – and I didn’t start the conversation. Nobody had a reason that swayed me. They were all nice to haves like yours but not enough to make me want to pay for the data plans. Which everyone at lunch thought were awful, but they pay…

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